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Steven Landau

Does anybody have experience with integrated BAS systems with these features. I could write my own using IEC-1131 sw, and MMI package, but the fuctions of scheduling isn't built in to the MMI or SW yet. I would appreciate any comments on systems, or experiences with these types of systems. The best ones I evaluated are proprietary BACNET systems from Allerton & Automated Logic, but they don't have integrated Security and only have limited drivers to talk to my plant floor plcs. Steve Landau VP Controls & Automation SPEC 92 Montvale Ave Stoneham MA 02180 Office: 781-438-3337 Fax: 603-843-5097 Cell: 617-908-9232 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail to pager: [email protected] (short messages only)

David Corking

> Does anybody have experience with integrated BAS systems with these features. < I have had peripheral involment with projects in the USA that used http://www.andovercontrols.com/ According to the docs there are a couple of PLC interface drivers in their catalog. Don't dismiss the old faithful relay input when choosing interfaces! Quite adequate for many applications. Please post to the list your conclusion as to whether integration capability offered met your needs. David

Peter Whalley

Steve, I suggest you look at Honeywell's EBI (Excel Building Integrator) software. This supports all 3 functions on the front end and has also been developed as an industrial automation type front end so it supports OPC, Modbus and similar. EBI now has a direct LonTalk driver interface also so it can talk to a range of LON based HVAC and lighting controllers (from Honeywell and others such as CSI, Siebe, Johnson Controls, TA Controls etc.). It also has a BACnet interface if you need it. Our experience with the product has been very good (but we haven't seen the direct LonTalk interface actually working as yet). If you stick exclusively with programmable controllers based on Neuron chips only (with no host processor) then these should all be able to be programmed and/or configured using VisualControl (which uses IEC-61131 Function Blocks) and then bound together using LonMaker. This is about as close as you will get at present to a universal communications, configuration and programming environment. Hope this helps. Regards Peter Whalley Managing Director Magenta Communications Pty Ltd 121 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia. e-mail: [email protected]
There's a company here in Ireland who make LonWorks based products for fire, security HVAC etc. http://www.lighthouse.ie/ May be worth looking at them and/or some of their partner companies. Regards Geoff Moore ==================================== Straight Forward Solutions Ltd Maynooth Road, Prosperous, Naas, Co.Kildare, Ireland Phone : +353 (0)45 892739 Fax : +353 (0)45 893880 Mobile : +353 (0)86 8179683 email : [email protected]

George Zucca

Hello there, You can use sierra monitor products for any third party integration. I have used them before and was very pleased with their products. Good Luck George 512-970-5689