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Mark Hill

Greetings all.

I'm in the process of designing a test bed for hydraulic pumps, to document their performance prior to shipping.

I'd like to (accurately) measure flow produced by individual pumps with maximum capacities approaching 200 GPM.

Can anyone suggest a flow sensor that will produce 4 to 20 ma signals proportional to this flow ??

Thanks in advance
Mark Hill
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The question is, how accurately do you want to do this? If you are happy with an installed accuracy of 0.5 to 1% of reading, you can fairly easily
build a stand with either positive displacement meters or turbines. It depends on how much backpressure you're willing to work against. The PD meters will produce significant backpressure, while the turbine meters will produce around a 3 psig drop at maximum flow rate. The PD meters will be more accurate, the turbines less expensive at those flow rates.

There are several turbine and PD meter designs you could look at. Since you are apparently in British Columbia and I am in Seattle, you might contact me off list for some recommendations...


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Another good option for this application would be to use a Coriolis meter. Most of the major vendors have such a unit available.

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Andy Leo.