I am looking for a solid state relay for Substation applications.


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I have a client who is interested in seeing information on all available SS overcurrent and differential relays. I have only found 3. Any help would be appreciated.

D. C. Pittendrigh

I don't know what the spec on this relay is but it sounds like you should take a look at Siemens Simocode. Regards Donald Pittendrigh
hello - we have solid state differential relays - din rail mount. They are used for dry contacts and have circuit protection. One is shown in pdf format at: http://www.almegcontrols.com On the 2nd page look at the bottom left for controls. Thanks Bob Hogg - our email is on the web page

Amr Elaguizy

Did you see the digital relays which include multiple functions to replace the old standard one function electromech types. In addition to the manufacturer mentioned there is a company called Beckwith Electric you could find them in the WEB( www.beckwithelectric.com ?). Be aware some of the digital multifunction might fail
when new out of the box, make sure you test them first, usually once tested O.K they are dependable. Also, whoever is doing the testing, preferably has the latest testing equipment, today there is equipment such as Doble 5160(?) that is programmable and could do all the testing very efficiently and spits out the report as the test is complete. I found out the hard way that the old method testing where you inject the signals manually could do harm to the relay if the
tester is not careful.
ultrasonic sensors are used in dusty atmospheres for solid level measurements. Ii have used them in a Ferro Alloys plant. The calibration part is important. You can have a slight pneumatic cleaner at the sensor side so that dust does not enter into the sensor. There will be multiple
reflections from the solid material at the bottom to the dust in between and hence, location of the feeds and the sensor and sensor angle will also play critical roles.
there must be some difference in the reflection from the dust and the solid materials.
Contact Miltronics, Hawk or other sensor providers for these applications for more help.

Harold Ipili

You may wish to look at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL). they got what you're looking for.


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