I am not from IT, but facing an issue with a system connected to LAN. Can anyone help with info?

I have a Railway Simulator working with a local area network of Projectors/PC/Connectors/Extenders etc. It was working fine with a vendor provided Walkie Talkie. But When I changed the Walkie Talkie vendor - the various screens of simulator ( it has 4-5 various screens) start shifting without a definite pattern . Everytime I have to restart the simulator - it works fine for 5-10 minutes - but again issue. I noticed this change happening when I started using VHF set while in this network (a local communication between Instructor and Trainee). I am not from IT, Can anyone guide me what could be the possible reason and do the frequencies impact LANs. Actually I just want to understand that VHF sets (Walkie-Talkie) can impact a nearby Local Area Network ? If yes what can be the potentiial impact?

Thanks in advance

What type of screens are used?
Badly screened CRT monitors can be affected by RF, wich the walky talky likely is.
LCD monitors are much less sensitive to external RF.

Yes, Walkie talkie had nothing to do with LAN - that was my understanidng as well. But, as written earlier and some study RF emiitted from Walkie Talkie sets had the power to impact a near by local area nework. And I have seen it multiple times - when I press walkie talkie PTT (Push to talk) button - disturbance on LCD screens (a simulator connected with lAN) - LCD screens connected from Projector to server thourgh LAN shifts and the system close. I put the LAN worked without using walkit talkie for 10-20 hours, it keep working fine - but as soon as walkie talkie is introduced - it starts malfunction in same pattern (screen shifts/fluctuations on LCD screens - which are connected in LAN network)Post