I have problem in Serial Port Programming in Winnt Server4.0


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Amir Ghaffar

I have used MsComm32.ocx control in Visual Basic in WinNT4.0 environment.
I send text to Port and continously listen/read the port but blank is return.
I have to connect PC with WeightBridge device that returns calculated weight on Comm Port, so for testing i play with Mscomm32.ocx but nothing get as a result. Is there compatibility problem in port programming in Win95/Winnt/Win2000.
I have to used Winnt only as plateform.


Scott Sellers

The serial port works on NT4.0 the same as Win95/98.

First make sure you have opened the port before sending info using the port.output command. Then send your output to another computer running hypertext set to the same comm port settings as your port.

You should also be able to send something back from your other computer to test replies. You use the port OnComm event to receive characters which you can analyse and wait for the terminating character in the reply string.