I have to choose Modbus cable: or belden 1120A or Belden 3073F.


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I have to select Modbus cable: or Belden 1120A or Belden 3073F.
Q? 1.
So, in my application, 500 FT Modbus cable will run in 1" PVC conduit parallel to 480VAC @ 300Amp in 4" PVC conduit in ground, two conduits will be separated by 12" apart. I have to select Modbus cable: or Belden 1120A (18 AWG one twisted pair overall foil and single ground wire) or Belden 3073F (18AWG one twisted pair overall tinned braded shield).
Any recommendation?

Q? 2.
My first Modbus data connection 270 ft to the left from PLC, my second Modbus connection 300 ft to the right from PLC. I have one port.
No problem to put t 120 ohm resistors on each ends and connects two cables in parallel at the port.
Or I have to run cable to the left (270FT)from PLC port and then from my left data point to the right point(570 ft), and one termination resistor.
Which way to go?
Any recommendations?
Thank you