I need an XY plot in WinCC


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I have a little problem, I don't find an XY plot for my WinCC application. Is this type of utility inside base package or I have to buy other option or auxiliary blocks? I need this XY plot graphic for a visualization of an array of 20 variables into this graphic and for now I have found only bar graph (only 1 variable for graphic) and
trend of a variable on the time.

thank you for the answers
Moreno Gerelli
Try Iconics TrendWorx+ this Trending package is awesome, It will give you the XY plot and even a circular chart if you want it.

I have used Trendviewer from ICS in two projects, and it is an excellent package for viewing large datasets. Easy to use in Visual Basic, good thing is you can test it on a trial version, then buy if you wish. The license is resonably priced for an organisation...