I need help about send open-close breaker control to PNC E100 Relay via Modbus protocol


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We use some PNC E100 relay in our project. Our aim, we want integrate PNC E100 Relay to our SCADA system for sending open-close command to breaker and remote control of breaker.

We tried to connect breaker for open-close control via Modbus communicate protocols but we failed sending command to the breaker. Is PNC E100 relay support open-close breaker remotely? if remote control of breaker possible, could you explain please how we will success to send open-close command to breaker via Modbus protocol? I need your help about PNC E100 Relay open-close breaker control.

Thanks for your interest.
The model number is PAC-E100, (the manufacturer is PNC), the model number is not PNC-E100.

Attention to detail is CRITICAL for success in digital communication.

The last field in the model number, Cx, defines the communication option, if installed.
PAC - E 1 0 0 - I - P - C1 would be the Modbus model.
Cx Option: Communication: 1 Modbus, 2 DNP, 3 IEC870-6-103

Which option do you have?

If yours has Modbus, what is the URL for the Modbus manual?