I/O Bus System (was Open Control Effects on Industry Structure)


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Thomas Wuensche

Curt, did you have a look at CAN? It is widely used in many automation applications, devices are cheap and reliable. As an open protocol I would recommend CANopen, maintained by CiA ( "www.can-cia.de":http://www.can-cia.de ). The standard is open (charges for copies apply, but they are not high). Special benefit for I/O devices is the availability of CAN on many microcontrollers. And CAN is a multi-master system, so it is also well suited for distributed automation approaches.

If you are interested please have a look at our
web site "www.ems-wuensche.com":http://www.ems-wuensche.com . Of special interest within the LinuxPLC approach might be devices like our Ethernet/CAN gateway running embedded Linux on an ARM7 processor (sorry for the shameless plug).

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Thomas Wuensche

Curt Wuollet

I hadn't seen much for CAN devices in the US, except of course, for DeviceNet. I will take a look today when I get a sick robot fixed. I agree CAN is a likely candidate.