I/O Scanning on Quantum creates ethernet collisions


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Danie Prinsloo

We installed one TeSys-T unit on a Quantum which uses Concept v.2.50. A total of 10 channels were created for future use. Packet "resends" causes the comms to fail in the installed unit which causes a trip in the TeSys-T.

Schneider informed us that IO Scanning was the best way to go. We operate a 24/7 plant. We had to stop the PLC to set up the IO Scanning. There will be a total of 10 units which will be installed. The trip patterns are very irratic and it seems that the network is overflowing with broadcasts. There is a seperate NOE installed which goes to a Connexium switch and then the TeSys-T. Is there a better way to set up the comms, without having to stop the PLC.

Any comments will be appreciated.