I/O server for Control Logix to Wonderware


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I would like to connect Wonderware Factory Suite to three Control Logix processors. The processors are in the same chassis and will be connected via
1756-enet module in the same chassis. I think that I am supposed to use ABCIP for the server?
When I try to configure a topic the selection for Logix 5000 is grayed out, why? Is this the correct server?
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James Ingraham

The only way I know of to have WonderWare talk to ControlLogix is to have RSLinx Professional running and use DDE or OPC to get data from RSLinx. The built in drivers only work for getting out PLC/5 style tags. At least, this
was true a year or so ago; there may have been changes since.

James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.
The latest RSLinx supports native addresses. Use OPCLink > RSLinx.

Otherwise, try the latest Kepware I/O server for ControlLogix. I believe it supports native addresses, arrays, etc. and Wonderware SuiteLink, which is preferable to DDE.


Gavin MacLean

I don't know Wonderware, but another option maybe to use the ControlLogix PLC5/SLC emulation. This allows you to set some arrays as PLC5/SLC type
primarily for comms between ControlLogix and PLC5/SLC PLCs. The Citect ABRSLinx driver which was designed for PLC5/SLC Ethernet can be used for ControlLogix using this method (it still uses RSLinx though), because the response mimics a
PLC5/SLC. Wonderware may react the same.

Jeremy Richard

I am using an OPC server from Ingear to communicate between WW and ControlLogix. It supports native tag addressing, and has been running fine for me. Ingear makes an opc server for Wonderware to communicate with ControlLogix
that you can get through your local WW distributor.

Steve Godfrey

We just add a driver to the ethernet card.
Configure Drivers
Remote Devices via Linx Gateway
Add this connection to your topic configuration, not the processor.

We tried InGear, but found that it didn't work that well and maintaining a second tag database too much trouble.

Steve Godfrey