ICONICS Alarmworx ActiveX in Wonderware


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Justin Julian

I have ICONICS Alarmworx running on its own PC. I have various Wonderware SCADA nodes in my plant. I wish to install the ICONICS ALARMWORX ActiveX screen from the alarm server on the SCADA Nodes. I do not want to install the complete ICONICS suite on each scada node (just want the activeX component). Has anyone accomplished this before? Which OCX / DLL files did you have to register on the Wonderware / SCADA nodes?


Alexander Lokotkov

You couldn't do that since ICONICS AWXview32 ActiveX can be running under the license manager (GenRegistrar server) with a valid license. What you could do is to purchase AlarmWorX32-75 (75 OPC Data Access points) which is much cheaper than Genesis32 suite.

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Alexander Lokotkov
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