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Larson, Ric

I am interested to know if anyone on the list has used iconics in their development of a scada/hmi system and if so how does it compare with wonderware or intellution. Thanks for any input.

Audun Alvestad

I have been working with both iconics and wonderware. The biggest differense is the drawing tools that iconics have a advantage. The proogramming part depends on how good you are at programming. Iconics uses VBA and is therefore more open for specialised solutions but this requiers more programming skills. Wonderware uses a more "already-done" programming methods that are easier to use. A drawback with Iconics is the licensing system. It's good for one part - Iconics. If you need more information take contact.
We have over 50 Fix32 nodes, and I have been looking at the market to evaluate what is out there. One of the main things I needed to achieve, was Intranet visibility, and the ability to get the information from the SCADA into some kind of database (SQL Oracle etc.) After extensive eval. work 3 main players came to light. Iconics Genesis32, Emation Wizcon and Rockwell RSView32. These products are natively web enabled, where as with Intellution and Wonderware, they use a short form badged version of Web@aGlance (Which is now owned by Emation!!)which is a pain to set up if you want any good looking web pages (with hyperlinls etc.) I went for Iconics, because of its native OPC connectivity, and I have been very impressed. I have prototyped a site,and it has been easy to use,fast and the tech. support has been excellent. If you want to know more, drop me an e-mail.
We have been using GENESIS for 2+ years now and have been VERY satisfied with it. We evaluated GENESIS, Fix Dynamics (now iFix I think) and Intouch. We found GENESIS to be by far the easiest package to use and also one of the most powerfull. I'm not a C++ programmer so I found the VBA Scripting to be very helpful (I think it is actually Microsoft VBA6 in it. we did a lot of our Batching with the VBA. We did have problems with licensing, more to the point, getting the licensing running correctly. 99% of my tech support calls were about the licensing utility. Once these were solved, the system has been bulletproof. I did attend a local seminar recently and was told by one of the Iconics guys that they are going to offer a hardware key option in their next release, don't know if this is true but it would be a lot easier than the software licensing. One the Plus side for Iconics is the ease of use, the VBA Scripting language, the thin client technology they use (you actually can have FULL control with the thin client if you like, I have been told iFix and InTouch only have "view" thin clients) and the OPC support. If I recall correctly both iFix and InTouch must have the OPC database and then a second database to communicate to their system (one of hem calls it the POWERTOOL I think). Iconics connected directly to the OPC database so you don't have to keep up 2 indentical databses. One the Minus side the licensing was a issue along with the time it took tech support to get my problem solved (about 3-4 days). Another thing I would have liked in hindsite is better batch support. Hope this helps. Jen
Jen, I agree the licensing is the most confusing and difficult part of the package and we've gone to great pains to make this easier and more flexible. For ICONICS licensing, the hardkeys will come back as an option for those that prefer that method of operation (people complained when we had hardkeys and now they complain when we dont!). Since you can pool your product licenses OR distribute them, the hard or soft key options will offer unlimited flexibility for product configuration. All of the ICONICS products and components are architected as CLIENTS/SERVERS for OPC data, licensing, security, multimedia agents, etc. so you can architect the best possible solution and not be limited by the software. You can contact me anytime at [email protected]

Shawn M. Hemingway, SCADATEK, Inc.

I would definitely stick with Intellution or Wonderware. These two companies have an excellent product, tech support and financial stability. Iconics has gone from being a leader in the industry (late 80's, early 90's)to a bit player. I spent much of my time over the last decade replacing Iconics applications with Intellution products. Do your homework on this issue if you are seriously thinking of purchasing Iconics products. SMH
You obviously have not checked out Iconics recently. I did MY homework, and I chose Iconics over WW and Intellution. While Intellution and Wonderware both have nice products, I feel they have fallen behind and are resting on their past track record. Just take a look at the OPC support, Intellution and Wonderware support only 1 OPC specifcation (OPC-DA), while Iconics supports 3 (OPC-DA, OPC-AE and OPC-HDA). Both Intellution and WW must have multiple tag databases when using OPC-DA as well where Iconics does not (they only use the OPC Server DB). These are only 2 of many examples on why we chose Iconics. Just remember, bigger does not always mean better. Jen
Iconics is the most powerfull system out there. I have used Wonderware as well as Dmacs and I can tell You that Iconics is easyer just as good and as was stated in other replys you get OPC but not any OPC its open. In other words if you had a system that was made up of Johnson Controls in a bldg and Andover controls in another bldg and maybe Seimens in yet another or Invensys or ASI or TAC CSI or any system including PLC's you could put them all under Iconics as well as still being able to get to controller level.