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I am Andrew from Myanmar. I have a problem connecting Iconics Modbus Ethernet OPC server with MC Quays Air conditioner Modbus gateway AWB01. The data is not stable. Sometimes communication Good and sometime failure (Bad). Communication good a few minutes and then bad again. Anyone have solution for this?

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First use command prompt "ping Gateway IP Address -t" to check communication that good or not. Then try to use Modbus Scanner Software (ModScan, Modbus Poll) to check data that transfer from Modbus Gateway to device. If it is not stable, you should adjust timeout or reduce baud rate.
I agree with Mr.Wasan. We had almost the same problem of Modbus communication between MKVIE (master) and some electrical devices through Modbus. By increasing the timeout from 1 to 3 seconds the problem been solved.

Using Modbus scanner tools (free on internet) always useful.

Good luck.