Iconics Triggering Stored Procedure


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I’m new to Iconnics so I’m hoping you can help. I need to get Iconnics to execute an oracle stored procedure when a PLC bit goes high. After that happens I need to display the SQL data in graphworx32 and write the SQL data to OPC server tags so the PLC gets the oracle data.

What I’ve done so far:

I created a database connection and set up the oracle stored procedure that I need to call using Data Mining Configurator.

In graphworX32 I created several objects to display each of the oracle column data. To get oracle data to display(for each column) I made a process point connection to the Data Mining Configurator.

Two questions:

1.) How do I pass in variables that are coming from the OPC server to the Data Mining Configurator oracle stored procedure?

2.) How do I trigger the Data Mining Configurator stored procedure when a PLC bit goes high?