IDEC OpenNet Controller, need references


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Alfonso Padilla

I have an application to control up to fifty devices (lubricators) with one 24 VDC input and two outputs each for operation monitoring. Each device requires an individual timed signal which should be field-modifiable by the operator from time to time. Total I/O count reaches 165 considering some additional ones. Since the project will be divided in several stages, a modular-type PLC seems to be the best choice. I’ve received some information of IDEC’s OpenNet Controller which seems to fit nicely (size, features & budget), plus it may be RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422-connected to the HG2A Micro I/O LCD operator interface (touch screen type), thus facilitating timer setting plus system monitoring without needing any extra hardware I/Os. However, I don’t have any experience on IDEC’s PLCs nor a reference on its performance, reliability, programmability & service. Does somebody have anything to say? I’ll really appreciate your comments. Maybe suggest any other choice. We need a small (size & price) PLC with an operator interface feature.