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J. Parrish

<b>Moderator's Note:</b> I've been assured that this poster has nothing to do with IDEC. So this is Mr. Parrish's personal endorsement.

As the price of AB and Siemens PLC's and HMI's is on the rise, I've been looking into lower cost high quality alternatives such as IDEC's Micro Smart Pentra and for smaller projects the Smart AXIS.

I hear there is a training in Houston at the Sheraton Four Points on 59 between Galleria and Downtown running from April 8-10 - you can get in for all three days at $375. You can also look at the link below - they have packages from $350 to just under $900 where you get a whole starter kit and they'll throw in the training too.

Check it out for yourself here is the website: