Idiots Guide - RSSQL how to log and retrieve data?


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I need to add 20 PLC points to an existing Rockwell RSSQL 7 configuration to be logged and then I need to know how to retrieve this data using SQL commands (it will be via an ASP web page).

I can see where Data Points are added but it then seems you need to setup transactions that can either be OLE-DB or Compressed. Do I need to do this for each individual PLC point?

Am I best to create a new SQL table to hold my points? And is it possible to have multiple values per row in the table, e.g. 20 PLC values all against one timestamp?


Check out FactorySQL and FactoryPMI ( and

It is trivial to log data from your PLC to an SQL database with multiple values per row. In FactorySQL simply set up a database connection and browse the PLC tags and drag those 20 items into a group. Run the group and you will be logging data to the SQL database.

FactoryPMI will allow you to drag and drop simple or complex HMI screens to display this data, then launch the HMI from any computer on your network via a web browser. You can present it in sortable tables, graphs, etc.

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