IEC-101 - ABB AC450 - PCU400


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We have two stations A & B far away from each other. The station A which is ABB AC450 has IEC-101 protocol running in it. Station B has e-terrabrwoser (Alstom) software installed.

We have removed PCu400 now, as the B-End has been upgraded to IEC-104.

Now a converter-device converts b/w 101 to 104

The data is being received from Station A to Station B. But commands from
Station B does not reaches to Staiton A.

I could not find The IEC address of datapoints in station A i.e ABB AC450
The only information that seems useful in AC450 seem to be IEC-Block No. I think the PC elements are custom built and we have no description in standard pc elements file.

The dismantled PCU-400 has a file containing all the IEC-Addresses of datapoints due to which some communication is possible b/w A & B.

How could i confirm/see the IEC addresses in AC450.

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