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Giri Shaibal

Can anyone give me the information regarding the relevance of IEC 1131-2 clause with respect to PLC hardware and software and which PLCs comply the same .

Is there any website where I can get these info ?


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Meir C. Saggie

Part 2 (IEC61131-2) deals with hardware only (part 3 with programming languages). Now, if a PLC bears the CE mark, it should, in principle, comply with part 2. Schneider PLC's, among others, do. For part 3, it is actually the programming software (usually runs on a PC) that needs to comply. I hope I put you in the right focus.

Terry Howsham none

There is an association in Europe & USA called OPEN PLC , so check for it using your favorite search engine

IEC 61131-2 deals with hardware only. (All IEC standards now have 6NNNN numbers). To bear the CE mark, PLC hardware must comply with this standard
(an others, generic).
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Jeremy Pollard

Correction - the organization is called PLCopen Web site below I am the North American 'rep' as such for the organization.

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