IEC 60870 101 -104 conversion and vice versa


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Please help me with some clarifications.

-The 104 spec has defined some new ASDUs most of which can be mapped to 101 without time tag except for F_SC_NB_1. Which 101 asdu is this mapped to?

- For 101 to 104 conversion is there any transformation required for asdu or can it be transmitted as it is received from controlled station ?

- If a converter sits in between primary and secondary station, does the converter change the timestamp received from controlled station? Does it put its own timestamp or retains the timestamp sent by controlled station.

- is it ok for converter to respond to errored asdu from a station (proxy) instead of forwarding the errored asdu (e.g unsupported type id received) to the end station?

- Would fragmentation be needed in 101-104 transformation? The spec doesn't talk about it !

At least I am aware of a ready IEC 101 to IEC 104 convertor from It is called Arctic IEc 104 gateway.

This should help you.