IEC 61158?

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During the last year I have followed the 61158 developments from the sideline. By chance I hit upon the IEC website. Here, the 61158 is *still* listed as a harmonized standard, where different application protocols are mapped on different data-link layers (I didn't know this was possible :)

The ISA articles, Jim Pinto's poems (keep 'm coming!) and the resignation of Dick caro suggest something completely different. As I have no access to the 61158 documents myself, the only thing I can imagine is that the different
specifications for those 8 bussystems are just converted to IEC-style format, put in a single binder, get a new headerpage, and that's it. About the same as with the EN 50170 a few years

Or am I just plain wrong here? I can't imagine that in a few months a technical harmonisation has been reached. on protocolstacks that are so much different. (some call me pessimistic, I just characterise myself as being realistic).

Any details anyone who was involved ? The first marketing (e)mails about how great the 61158 is start arriving,...

Rob Hulsebos