IEC 62056-21 to MODBUS or DNP


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Eduardo Wong

Hello, I need some help. The matter is this:

We are making a thermoelectrical plant, and the generator units have ZMQ202 meters: (it's in Spanish).

Now, these meters are DLMS and IEC 62056-21 protocol, but our RTU uses MODBUS or DNP protocol. So, as we already have these devices, we would like to acquire a IEC 62056-21 to MODBUS/DNP converter, if there is something of the sort.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this matter, as for I have been looking around the web with no luck.

Hi Carlos,

SYNC 2000, a product from Kalkitech, has already been deployed in multiple projects to integrate DLMS energy meters to SCADA system after converting the meter data to IEC 61850 or other SCADA protocols such as DNP3 or MODBUS. As such we can meet both requirements - of conversion from DLMS to IEC 61850 or MODBUS.

Here is the link of case study of the recent project which we completed, where we integrated DLMS meters to IEC61850 SICAMPAS system

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