IEC protocols for Metering


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Abdal Hakam

I am involved in a Metering project which involve both Local and remote interrogation for electricity,water,gas,and fuel oil meters from very far and scattered points. Can anybody help me to determine which are the most suitable IEC protocols ,or any international open protocols for
both local and remote interrogation ?

your fast response is appreciated.
Abd Al Hakam Zarzora

Ralph Mackiewicz

Here are some off the top of my head:

IEC60870-5-XXX Mostly RTU protocols but have been used for metering IEC61850 (UCA) Mostly substation and power quality metering but work has
been done on gas flow metering and water metering by the Gas Research Institute and the American Water Works Association respectively.
CEBUS - Various residential metering applications have been done using CE Bus

You may want to check out the American Meter Reading Association or do a web search on Meter Reading. Here is a useful site that includes suppliers:

Ralph Mackiewicz