IEC62056 SCADA interface


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Hi all, I am trying to find a means to connect the tariff meters on site to my SCADA system. The meters in question are CEWE Prometers which are installed with a spare IP port for connection into SCADA. according to the datasheet it supports the following over the ethernet comms: IEC62056-21, DLMS.

Our intention when we ordered the meters with the additional IP comms port was to simplify the connection into SCADA. We were therefore intending on using a OPC / IEC62056 interface. However it doesnt appear there are any such products available. Matrikon claim to have one on their website, but on probing it appears this is only in development with no sign of production date.

Does anyone know of a IEC62056 (over IP) converter to OPC/Modbus/dnp3/any other standard SCADA interface? I need a out of the box functioning product, not a developers toolkit.