Ifix 5.8 Poll Data from MBE Driver Unable to Update Database


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Hi all,

Two Ifix servers polling data from a Modbus Ethernet data source via
MBE driver. One server is Ifix 2.6 and the other is 5.8. Both runs mbe in their local computer and poll data from a common modbus data source. In both servers data is available in mbe data monitor. But in Ifix 5.8 data can't be seen in database manager. All tags are marked as question marks. However if the local node name is changed fix in Ifix 5.8 server, then the data can be seen. Does scans local node name matters here considering the existing Ifix 2.6 local node name?

Any suggestion why this happening?
Node name shouldn't matter here I think. MBE driver polls the modbus unit at the slower rate even if ifix isn't asking for data so it is no proof of a connection between ifix and the driver. It really sounds like a mismatch between mbe and ifix databases. Tried removing MBE driver from SCU and add it back (to reestablish the bound between ifix and the MBE driver)?