iFix 5.8 ProficyLicenseManager

Tyson Engineer,

My watch isn't working and doesn't tell time.

I shook it. Nothing changed.

It didn't get wet.

I have owned it for three years and it's never given a problem.

What might be wrong?

Is this question any easier to answer than the one you wrote?

Hardly; wouldn't you want to know if my watch is digital or mechanical? If it's digital, wouldn't you want to know if the battery has been changed recently? If it's mechanical, wouldn't you want to know if it's been wound recently (or if it has a self-winding mechanism that has been exercised recently)? Would you like to know if the face has hands that have stopped moving, or if the digital display is blank or dim?

Wouldn't you say to yourself, "If only there was more information I could have possibly provided a suggestion or two,"?

Did the installation of iFix 5.8 ProficyLicenseManager ever work on the PC you're trying to install it on, or is this the first time you've tried using it on this PC?

Have you tried uninstalling it and re-installing it? If so, what happened?

Were they any errors or warnings during the installation?

Are you installing this new, or copying it from another PC?

Is there a iFix/PROFICY/CIMPLICITY project installed on the same PC as the license manager?

Does it require a dongle (USB protection device)? If so, is the dongle in place?

I said to myself, "Answering this person's questions would have been much easier if even a couple of details as above had been provided."

And, I answered myself, "You're 100% correct!"