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Moret, O.

Dear List,

Is it possible to include a Form made in MS Access in a iFix picture. Some one told me about ActiveX components etc... , but the problem is that i am not a Wizard in iFix.
Another problem is: What type of block do i use to get information from an existing Db.
I tried the SQL one's but i do something wrong with the definition etc. (The part in the SCU and the ODBC in Nt is done according the manual. Hopefully)

Databasename is Cableprog.
Tablename is Cable_gr
Fieldnames in Cable_gr are: group_desc,drawing_set_sheet

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Patryck Valdez

Its possible and very simple

You have several ways to do this....
By iFIX Tags
By VisiconX (activex objects)

By iFix Tags... the most complicated one
you have to follow the SQT and SQT tag types
to make this.

By ODBC... a simple one
go to the electronic books and search DAO or RDO this are connectors to databases and you can copy paste the code to your picture and retrive or send data from any ODBC compilnce database

By VisiconX ... the most easy one
You need to buy from intellution this activex objects, then you select a database conecto object that includes a wizard to make a conection to your database, then you put a grid control and link it

Thats it
I hope this help