ifix clients vs. RSView panelviews


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fred s.

What are the pros and cons for using AB Panelviews with RSView ME vs. Ifix clients? I will be using a ifix server. The system will have about 7-9 clients or panelviews with one or two contrologix processors.

Bob Peterson

stick to one system.

it is not currently possible to reuse the screens developed in one package
in another software package so you would be doubling your work.

same thing as if you tried to use rsview32 and rsviewMW in the same system.

with as many client as you have, you may want to consider making one of them
a backup ifix server so your whole process does not come tumbling down in
the event of a single failure.
If a ifix client failed, how hard would it be to get it back on-line? I would only have to reload the program into another panelview, if I decided to go that route.

thanks for your comments!