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William Hullsiek

I am planning on using iFIX with the General Purpose Interface (GPI) driver to communicate to a serial device over Ethernet using the Lantronix re-director software and UDS-10-IAP.

I would like to address a failure condition from an iFIX screen.

Intent is to provide some additional troubleshooting tools / diagnostics within iFIX so maintenance can easily deal with the problem.

Was wondering if anyone has done this before, and if they would share their experiences and knowledge.

Current troubleshooting thoughts: ??

> Can I ping the unit ? (Active-X control)
> Can I read the LED's on the unit (Active-X Control) ?
> Can I read report current settings on the serial port ?

- bill hullsiek


Lynn A Linse

Using one of the SNMP-to-OPC tools would be the easiest way.

This would allow you to show baud rate, test access, etc. If you have SNMP-enabled switches, then you can even treat switch "good-link" signals as digital inputs to alarm etc.


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