Ifix reading ControlLogix 1756-L61


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Mark Riche

Has anyone experienced issues interfacing iFix to 1756-L61 ControlLogix processor? Our remote trends seems to lose data or flat line for periods of time


Fred Loveless

Ok, well the help file does show how to connect to and generate tags from the controller.

1. Configure a channel in IGS and select the ControlLogix Ethernet driver. Accept all of the defaults.

2. Create a device,the device model for a ControlLogix device is ControlLogix 5500.

3. Set the device ID. This defines where the Logix CPU is from the Ethernet card. If the CPU is in slot 0 the id might be,1,0. The 1 after the IP indicates that the connection pat is out of the Ethernet module to the back plane and 0 is the slot on the back plane where the CPU is.

4. Accept the defaults for Scan Mode, Timing, Auto-Demotion, Database Creation, Logix Communications Parameters, and Logix Options.

5. For Logix DataBase Settings make sure the 'Create tag database from device' radio button is checked.

6. Finish the creation of the device.

7. Double click on the device and in the device properties window select the Database Creation tab.

8. Press the Aute Create button. If the Device ID is configured properly the device is online the driver should connect to the device, read its configuration, and create tags under the device.

Getting the tags into iFix is documented by GE and you should be able to download that.

Fred Loveless

Mark, Sorry this is what happens when you to to many e-mails and forums at once. You probably already know how to configure for communications.

So there are any number of reasons why you would be missing or losing data. Here are a few:

1. Communications could be timing out. You may bet getting DNR messages in the IGS server event window. If this is the case you should increase the the request timeout in the Device Properties | Timing Tab.

2. You could be getting CIP timeouts. Those are a little harder to diagnose. The first step though is to increase the Watchdog timeout to its maximum. This is set on the Device Properties | Logix Communications Parameters tab.

If you are getting a lot of timeouts and the device ( server setting) is to use Physical or Logical Protocol modes then every time you get a timeout error the server has to re-upload the project form the device. If you only looking at a few thousand items it is better to use the Symbolic protocol mode.

Hope this helps. It it gets to much more complicated you will probably need to go through support so that log files can other performance data can be collected.