ifix2.6 alarm odbc cause virtual memory full


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Daniel Lee


I adopt alarm ODBC in ifix 2.6 to transfer alarm message to "MS access" database which would be accessed by another pc in the same network. The problem is that the OS (win 2000 professional ) shows that "virtual memory full" and the application will be hold.
I trace the memory usage and found "alarm odbc" program continuously increase more memory if I enable the service.
The problem did not happen again after I disable "alarm odbc" service.
Could anyone tell me how to fix the problem ? Shall I modify any configuration in SCU alarm odbc setting ?


Daniel Lee 2/9/2002

Mathias Lindgren

Hi Daniel !

I dont know if this is your problem but it might be. Check your ODBC settings under "Tracing" and make sure that you aren´t tracing your ODBC commands in a logfile. If you do the logfile will get really big and your memory will eventually be full.

Thats all have a nice day !

/Mathias Lindgren
Automation Engineer