I'm trying to figure out how this Automated Packaging System works from the video in terms of the sequence, the cylinders used and the instruments use

Link to the video:

For the cylinders, I guess they use
Cylinder A for activating an effective mechanism to close the empty carton box
Cylinder B for pushing the empty carton box forward
Cylinder C for picking up that empty cardboard and placing it into the carton box
Cylinder D for pushing the product to the position directly below Cylinder D
Cylinder E for grasping 15 bottles and putting them in the carton box
The sequence could be Start, A+, B+, B-, A-, C+,C-,D+,D-,E+,E- ( I could be wrong, the whole process occurs simultaneously, I think there is some looping, but couldn't figure out where to join the loop between the 2 points). The grouping might be done using the Cascade method. I'm pretty sure this is an electro-pneumatic circuit.
Materials needed:
-3 limit switches( 1 limit switch for detecting the position of the 15 bottles at the position right below position D, the other switch for detecting the position of the empty cardboard to be placed on the carton box, and the last limit switch for detecting the position of the box).
-5 Double Acting Cylinders with each controlled by 4/2 position solenoid-solenoid valves
and 10 Reed switches as end-stroke sensors
What do you think of this? Am I missing out on things? It's assumed there is 0 PLC solutions for this particular system, only electro-pneumatic solutions. I want to hear some fresh insights. And I thank you for spending the time in reading this huge chunk of texts.
That is for simplicity reasons. I know the modern systems are mostly run by PLC, but for this case, we have to assume there are 0 PLC, only pneumatic or electro-pneumatic solutions