Implementation of modulus in PanalMate Plus 2


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Gary Burton

How is the modulus(%) function implemented in the PanelMate Plus 2?
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Kerry Sparks

The modulo operator (%) simply does an integer divide on the expression or PLC reference and returns the remainer after the divide. For
instance if the expression is [40001]%10 then the result will be from 0 to 9 based on the value in the register. If the value in 40001 is 123, then the example will result in a value of 3. You can use any value after the % operator. If the expression is [40001]%2, then you will get a zero if the value in the register is even and a one if the value is odd. If you have any further questions you can call Cutler-Hammer's PanelMate tech support folks at (800)809-2772 (options 5, 5) and they can help. Since Cutler-Hammer no longer private labels the PanelMate product to Modicon/SquareD/Schneider we accept support calls from all PanelMate and PanelMate Plus users. Good luck!

Kerry Sparks
PanelMate Product Manager