implementation of PID for dc to dc convertor using 8051 microcontroller


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I have my MSC theses and it is about implementation of PID for DC to DC convertor using 8051 microcontroller i wish i can get help form all people ...
i need how to programming 8051 (using C language) with PID algorithm and all details about this topic and also information about PID

Shahab Raza Raja

with c language overhead the 8051 response may not be quick enough to control dc dc converter with PID. i think it would be better if you do
it in assembly and in addition use some hardwired logic to override processor such as over current. a watchdog may be requied.

Shahab Raza Raja
thanks for your replay
but still now ineed to know more about the code even in assmbley i will be glad if you can give me more information
my mail so we can be in touch more is [email protected]
wish to here your replay soon
thanks and regards
Dear Shahab Raza Raja

I`m a engineer from brazil and need a code in assembly of PID to dc - dc converter, if you have, please ,send me.


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