Import csv to toolboxst trend


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i would like to know if there is any way how to import a csv signals with data to toolboxst trend?

It's possible to export ToolboxST trend data to .csv format, I believe via the File | Export -> Menu bar drop-down list.

If there was a method to import any information to a trend it would also likely be on the File Menu bar drop-down list (as File | Import ->).

Have you tried looking at the ToolboxST and/or Trend Recorder 'Help'.?.?.?

There are very few undocumented features of ToolboxST. Having said that, the ToolboxST documentation (while better than previous Speedtronic control panel documentation) leaves quite a bit to be desired. But, it's better than nothing (more or less), and should always be consulted when looking for information. When using the 'Help' feature of Toolbox or ToolboxST it's best to use the third tab (sorry; I don't have a dongle to access ToolboxST at this writing) and check the 'Maximize database/results' selection and search for words/terms. And, don't give up if the first search doesn't yield immediate results; try different words/terms--GE is famous for using several different words/terms to describe one function/feature....