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Hildemaro Carrasquel


I am using FL 7.5 now, but I would like using some tool where I can import tags from EXCEL (for example) to OPC FL. Is it possible?

Gustavo A. Valero P.

Hola Hildemaro,

There are 3 ways (one is easier than the previous one):

1) Using the Application Objects: Inside the "Application Object Classes\Application Objects" folder you will see 2 objects template already configured: "AnalogOut" and "DigitalOut".

Once you've created your tags and configured the Excel file that these Application Objects are pointing to ({FLAPP}\appobj\master.xls), drag and drop the "AnalogOut" and "DigitalOut" objects to "Application Object Instances" folder and FactoryLink will import everything to your app.

2) Via "Generate Records" option: Go to "FactoryLink OPC Client\SHARED" folder and right click on "OPC Server Definition", select "Generate Records" option and later, select "Excel Spreadsheet" source and complete the other options you will find to import the data to FL.

Keep in mind that later you will have to do the same procedure to generate/import the tags associated to each OPC groups that you have created.

Note: the "Generate Records" option can be used in any task to import data via Excel, ODBC, text file, etc.

3) By doing it 100% manual: Just copy the cells from your Excel file and paste them to FL's panels you want and later save all to create your tags manually if they don't exist.

Best regards.


Gustavo A. Valero P.
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Hildemaro Carrasquel

Thank you very much for your answer.

I do not know if you remember me. I worked in PROYTEK in 2004.

I used first step, but with Object XLMaster. What is the difference between object Analog and object XLMaster?

With the second step, I have to look for information about fields that have to configure, possibly the information is in the help, I am going to look for it.

With the third step after that, I paste all tags, Should I configure type of tag and other fields?

Greetings to your family and you.