Importance of RF in Automation engineering


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Rushi Shroff

There is growing importance of communication engineering in Industrial automation & control.

We can not imagine any industrial automated embedded system without communication protocols. So study of Wireless & eventually RF Engineering becomes important. I want to know how important is the study of RF in Automation engineering?

There is a growing demand of communication and wireless technology in the automation Industry.

But definitely RF (Radio Frequency) base communication is not the answer.

Its quite simple actually. RF can attain a lot of noise over transmissions. Systems such as WCDMA or higher might be a better option as they transfer digital data with error detection and correction properties.

Its still not being used in larger industries because of the sheer initial cost it has to propagate these signals covering large plants.

And again reliability and accuracy of data is required mainly in such industries.

Technology is progressing, we do have many GSM based PLCs available now a days. Will take some time to enter the DCS industry though.

So my suggestion RF engineering might not be enough. It would be a waste of time..