Importing DCS Data to MySql Data Acquisation Server


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We are working to import our Emerson Ovation DCS database to data acquisition server which uses mySql. now problem is the server was configured by EPC, and it has data from DCS from that point. now we have added some new analog points, and we want to share them with our head office which simply connects to data acquisition server and obtains the required info. any idea on how to import data from DCS database into mySql database?

I understand that you are wanting to export the data from DCS server to a MySQL database. Am I correct? Please answer the following questions:

[1] Is the target database server from

[2] Next what is the data format from the DCS server? Can you export the DCS server data into an excel or CSV (comma separated value) format to another computer? i.e. do you have an SQL interface access to that server or does the front end that you work with has data export facility to the outside?

[3] it all depends on whether your DCS server allows for the raw data to be exported in electronic format to outside the server which i think it should surely be able to.

[4] Do you have a data model already made in the MySQL server into which this data can be experienced?

I am experienced with MySQL and hence I **might** be able to help. I design my own databases and import and export data from various sources - mostly of course from Excel, Libreoffice , CSV etc.

If you are looking for a solution where you need to connect to the DCS database server using their API with either Python or some common purpose language, then it is more harder to get that done.

Let me know.