importing protool projects into an S7 integrated applications


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I am working on a plantwide project (s7) that includes many processors (s7-318dp) multiple profibus networks as well as ethernet
I have the entire hardware configurations done and are starting on the process programming. I will have about 40 touchscreens (mp370,tp170b) throughout the plant. I have placed all the touchpanels into the project window already though
none of the screens have been created. Someone else will be doing some of the screens(protool). My question is should the screens be added to the project window after they are created or can I import screens into the existing touchpanels that i have set up in the project area.

Hakan Ozevin

I used to integrate my protool projects (Ver 5.2)to Step 7 (Ver 5), but saw no advantage of it.
Recently, I was on a seminar by Siemens and they say that with protool version 6.0, we will see the full advantage of integrating them, e.g. using existing symbols of Step 7 will be connected to the tag in Protool automatically. They say that the new version will be available from April on.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have had jobs where I have had to service 2 identical OPs on the same machine, I opened both projects at the same time and in the project
directory the screens can be copied from one project to the other. Protool copies all the objects and if the tags dont exist they are copied too.

It may not be a good idea to copy the tags as S7 has a possibility to determine the tags from your symbols list and in this way the tags may not be
correctly defined but you will have to test this to find out.

Text lists can be exported to a text file and re-imported into the new project so it should be possible to recover almost everything without too much work.

Donald Pittendrigh