Importing ProWORX NxT info into Concept


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I'm looking for away to import the documentation (symbols, comments, etc) from a ProWORX NxT program for a Modicon Quantum PLC into their other programming package, Concept. Does anyone know of a way to import the DOCUMENTATION end of it into Concept? I know I can send the program to the PLC in ProWORX and upload it in Concept to convert the program, but I lose all documentation that way. Any help would be appreciated.

We didn't have much luck with NxT, so we switched to Concept. You should be able to export your NxT documentation and variable list to Excel and then import the Excel file into Concept. Other than that, the only way that I know requires a LOT of typing. Good luck. Loren Jones

Bill Szuminski

ProworxNXT has a Import/Export function that will take the symbols and descriptors into the Concept format. You have to open the appropriate project and go to File/Utilities. I just tried it and it seemed to work...
Hello CK, I have developed a program to convert Proworx NxT documentation to a format importable by Modsoft. I know that Concept has some support to import Modsoft documentation. You might be able to use my program to import the documentation into modsoft then import it from there into Concept. Let me know if you would like a copy of the program. It is a VB program. Bradley G. Hite Intertech Incorporated mailto:[email protected] Teaching Practical Skills for a Technological World
This project doesn't have symbols, just alot of documentation, and it didn't export to Concept.TXT format in ProWORX NxT. It said 'No symbols exist in current project. Export to Concept not successful.'


Brian Kukulski

When you have trouble with "easy importing" as the software documentation suggests it should be, I end up putting a few sample tags in the "new" software and exporting it to a .txt file. Now I can see its required format. Now export the file from the "old" software and manipulate into the new .txt format. It takes a bit of time but if far faster than typing it in manually and sometimes faster than learning all the correct buttons to push to make it work automatically. I've used this method for both Proworx Plus and A/B software.