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Amir Azami

I'm studying PLC programming from home after work and need to get a Siemens PLC to work with. I'm programming in C++ and Visual Basic. I do not have a whole lot of knowledge of PLCs and need to learn. Does anyone have a PLC unit that I can use for playing around with. If not can someone make recommendations as to what to get. Is there a starter kit for students? I also need the price if possible.

I appreciate any help.

Zan Von Flue

Siemens has a starter kit for the S7-200 series CPU. It comes with programming software, PPI/RS232 connection cable and a S7-200 CPU, I believe a 212. The 212 can handle ascii connections (for modbus).
I don't have a order number.

Hakan Ozevin

In my country, they give the mentioned starter kit 50% off price for students and institutes, even including 2 days training. Normal list price is about 340 Euro.
You'd rather contact to your local Siemens office. They always have such extras for students. They may even have some CPU's which cannot be sold to the customer (e.g. some outputs are damaged and does not worth to be repaired), but can be given to you free of charge. We meet some here, but sorry, they are all given to local students.

Good luck and dont give up.

Hakan Ozevin


Bruce Durdle

Download the demo version of Concept from the Modicon web site It has a fully-blown simulator on board that allows you to do a lot of playing. Only problem - it's 40+Mbytes.


If you want to get started with Siemens PLC, I suggest you to get the developing software for the S7-300/400 PLC series, the latest version
of Step 7.
Also you should get the simulation software for
S7-300/400 since a CPU is not very cheap...
so contact your local Siemens reseller for further

Michael Griffin

Siemens has several different families of PLC. Are you looking for a particular model, or would just any Siemens PLC do? Unless you are using the programming software at work, then you will need software, a programming cable, and some sort of power supply.
The S5 is obsolescent, but there are a lot of them around and will be for many years to come. Siemens also sells the former TI line. The S7-300/400 is probably out of your budget range.
If you need to buy something, then the S7-200 family is the cheapest (a fraction of the price of a comparable S7-300) as well as having by far the best documentation. It has a lot of sophisticated features, but is still easy to use. The software allows ladder, instruction list, and function block diagram programming. I would recommend this series to anyone who is learning PLCs rather than one of the others which Siemens has. Once you have learned the basic principles of one type of PLC, learning any other model or
brand is much easier.
Siemens was selling a "starter kit" which included a CPU, software, and cable. You could inquire with your local Siemens distributor or rep
whether this is still available.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
you can download the s7 programming tricks and tips from siemens website. Some of the programs are cool and imaginative "play music using the PLC" !!!