Incorporating ESD Switches to an existing Pneumatic Control

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I have designed for the low pressure separator using 3-way piloted valve and also LP separator Shut down valve. Please do anyone has better knowledge where I can incorporate ESD on the downstream of the SDV of the LP separator.

If I interpret your question correctly it seems you want to know how you can operate pneumatic operated valves from the ESD system or from a local ESD push button. If this is the case it is as simple as installing a solenoid valve on the main supply of the valve so that during an ESD the valve will be driven to its fail safe position via its spring since its main air supply will be cut off by this ESD solenoid.

We normally install two of these solenoid valves on the control valves as well as the SDV's, one for the ESD and one for the DCS so that the DCS can decide when to energize the solenoid in order to give final permission that the valve can now be operated and the ESD to decide when to drive the valve to its fail safe position.
If you are going to use these solenoids make sure you do your design making use of interposing relay since that will eliminate future problems of these solenoids pulling a card down because they pull to many Amps. This is always the safest way to build a system like this anyway.

You can look at the Bifold (316SS) series of solenoid valves for an application like this.