Incremental Digital Control Dials


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Mark Edwards

Does anyone know who makes the dials that are on cd players nowadays? I need a couple for a my control project. They are digital and rotate without limit. They must generate an electrical signal each time the dial is turned, also indicationg in which direction it is rotating. Many thanks, mark
If I understand your requirement, what you want is a rotary encoder w/size and shape similar to a panel mtg potentiometer. Several manufacturers offer these devices. Clarostat is one that comes to mind (series 510 mechanical or series 600 optical). Check with any reasonable electronic distributor such as Allied: Bill Marsh
Look at Grayhill, they have some really nice panel mount encoders that put our a quadrature signal. There is also a switch contact which you actuate by pushing the knob in, which can be used to select a value. If you need help with the quadrature decoding, I'll be happy to provide a schematic for this also. There are some cheaper panel encoders, but they don't last very long in any kind of harsh environment.

Sztrancsik Csaba

I was using BOURNS. Try it. Csaba Sztrancsik AtySoft Ltd. TEL: (+36 1) 316 3251 FAX: (+36 1) 212 0250
Grayhill makes some nice quadrature encoders for this purpose. They have 2 digital outputs and a simple quarature decoder circuit will tell you the direction of rotation. You can see spec sheets at A quadrature decoder circuit for a SLC-500 is available from The Boolean Embassy at =================================== Mark Erdle Alpha Geek The Boolean Embassy ===================================