Individually Produced Fiber Optic Cable?


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Zoltán Mezzõ

Please help me, I must find fiber optic cable with a diameter of 30-32 um, multimode. The diameter is important because of the data
30-32 um, multimode is almost certainly a custom fiber. I would check the specification on the source and see if you did not make an error.
Not necessarily - if your distance is short and the tolerances good, then you could easily send the "light" from a 32um source into a 50 or 62.5um fiber.

The Fiber diameter is like a window you place a spot-light behind - if the window is too small (say 9um), much (or most) of your light will not
make it out the window. If the window is too large (say 50um), it has little impact on the amount of light from your spot-light.

However at the receiver end, the larger fiber will mean the light is more dispersed. Now you have the opposite problem - a 50um light path =
trying to get back into a 32um window means some of the light (60%?) will hit the window frame and not be detected.

So it boils down to if you have the power budget to sustain that loss and still be Ok. If your fiber device claims it can go 2km and you only run it 20 feet or a few hundred feet, then likely you can use a 50um fiber and be just fine.

I'm not a fiber expert - just used a lot and done testing with various combos. Likely a real fiber expert can be hired to provide you with the exact formula of how far your source could go on a 50um fiber. Likely many FIBER sellers can supply such info - just go to Belden or other supplier and ask what the loss would be sending your 30um source down a 50um fiber to a 30um receiver.

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