Inductors for Triac noise canceling


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Miguel Garcia

Dear Sirs

That's the first time I'm visiting this site . As it seems to me very interesting perhaps you can suggest me a solution

I found an Open torroidal that seems to match my triac controlled application, but I have some doubts .

I need some help from you to conclude if it can match or not my design application :

1 - Identifying torroidal - its characteristics are :
* Open torroidal
* 250W @ 240V
* Inductance 4mH
* DC Resistance 0.9 0hm

2 - Its product datasheet, obtained from Farnell (Farnell code - 581240) web page, says it is designed to ensure triac light dimmers and speed control circuits meeting B.S.800 interference limits .

a) I really don't know if it is a European Directive or not .
Is this valid for Europe, more specifically Portugal ?

b) Where on the NET can I obtain EMC and Security directives for Europe ?

3 - The controlled Loads of my circuit will vary from purely resistive to inductive persienne motors (not purely inductive because of capacitor included).
The power will vary from 40W to 220W for both cases.

It seems I can't use an auxiliary capacitor between Live and Neutral entrance to filter outcoming and incoming noise because we are talking about Power Line Communication circuits (perhaps it will filter the communication signal too ) .
Do you think this 4mH inductance value , when serialized with the load but, without an auxiliary capacitor, will perform within a good margin of performance on most applications, or will I need to calculate different inductance values for the kind and values of load range cited above ?

4 - As probably you will ask me later I answer in advance :
This inductor is for an application on a Home Automation System I'm designing.
This design will be the commercial start product of a Home Automation Systems Company I will found in a near future.
Until there my inquiring are in the particular ambit .

Lots of thanks in advance ,

Miguel Garcia