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Dear memver of the list,

I' trying to set up a student project about the existing communication protocols in Industry.. Apart from CAN and Ethernet (is there any
Ethernet specification for industrial use?) I don;t know any others..Could u please help me?

Thank you in advance

Emmanuel Psiridis

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Kelvin Proctor


There are a number of ethernet based industrial
control specifications.

Modbus/TCP is basically TCP encapsulation of Modbus (see I have written an open source implementation of this and the other
Modbus flavours at

PROFInet is Profibus over Ethernet. I know very
little about this but see for
more details.

EtherNet/IP is a Ethernet/IP/TCP/UDP encapsulation
of CIP (Control and Information Protocol) that is
the application layer of both DeviceNet and
ControlNet. My opinion is that this is the best
and most complete Ethernet for Industry protocol
I have seen to date. For more details see or

I am going to be starting an open source
implementation of EtherNet/IP in the near
future as part of my undergraduate thesis
I'm undertaking next year. I expect to start
coding in a month or so. Contact me if you are

There may be others but I have not hear of them.


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you have a lot of communication protocols used
in industry, for example: Profibus, Fieldbus,
DeviceNet, Modbus, and if you try to find in
internet you can found a lot of information.


Harald Albrecht


as there are literally myriads of communication protocols out there in the wild, you probably want to narrow your search down to a particular domain. Which domain are you interested in? For instance, communication systems & protocols for house automation are a different kind of beast than, say, factory automation. And process industries are a different breed than factory industries.

In addition, CAN and Ethernet are not simply communication protocols. Both are spread over several layers (according to the ISO model), especially physical and logical layers. Typically, you additionally need some higher-level protocols, there's were often the "flesh" is...