Industrial Controls Drawing Packages


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Jay L. Mackey

Hi all,

I know this issue gets discussed from time to time, but I don't pay enough attention to the list to remember what was said. I don't want to open this up for *general* discussion necessarily.

If those who have answers would contact me privately it might be better. Then I would post the compiled answers.

I am trying to decide which drawing app my company should utilize. I know of the following major contenders:

ECT Promis-e (aka RSWire)
ECT Diagrams Plus (AutoDesk Actrix-based)
Via ECDS (Via Schematic; also Via Lite, aka ViaDirect UltraLITE)

I would appreciate anyone who has the knowledge and time giving me info on these. A simple comparitive ranking between any two or more would be great. A pros-cons list of any one or more would be great too. Alternate recommendations of unlisted packages are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Jay Mackey
Spectra Technologies, Inc.
[email protected]