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Gabriele Corrieri

I have two question related to Industrial Ethernet, in particular products saled by Siemens.
Can I get a comunication into Industrial Ethernet with my Ethernet Card for SOHO use?
If yes, since the connector for IE was not similar to normal Ethernet connector what I do to make an adapter for connection from RJ 45 to DB9
connector? (Siemens Ref.6XV1850-2JE50). And for RJ 45 to DB15 connector?
(Siemens Ref. 6XV1850-2EE50)
Can everyone know the pinout of old ethernet standard named AUI (the cable has two DB15 male at both ends) (Siemens ref.6ES5727-1BD20).
Thanks for a lots!
Gabriele Corrieri

david mertens

You can download all relevant manuals from

As to the AUI connectors, take care not to confuse them with the ITP connectors. Both connectors are the same physically, but different signals are used to communicate, you should take care not to mix them. (Most recent CP cards have a 15 pin connector that supports both AUI and ITP and is auto-sensing to the current network settings). The AUI cables where used with the SSV's (SSV104 etc) as dropcables, the main cable was a triaxial coax cable.

Also some old 3com network cards have AUI and BNC connectors. The OSM's used now are all ITP or UTP. Also most recent CP's and OSM's have UTP (RJ45) connectors, but they should not be used in industrial encironments as the UTP cables are not shielded.