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Tom Brickner

I am looking into some ethernet switches and category 5 cable recommendations for an plant network located in a furnace area that averages temperatures from 50-60 Deg C. I wanted to know where I can get some high temperature category 5
cable and what peoples opinions are on the types of industrial swiches which may hold up best in these hot environments?
I am currently looking at:
(RJLnxx ethernet switch by Woodhead Connectivity) (RS2-5TX ethernet switch by Hirschmann)
(CTRLink ethernet switch by Contemporary Controls)
I am looking at the Woodhead switch because of its 85 Deg. C. temperature rating but am not sure if these are good units.
I am also looking at the Hirschmann switches rated for 60 Deg C. with the added benefit of fiber capability and a well known name.

Karlheinz Schwarz

Dear Tom,

Here are good news :)

There at least these products you should check:

1. Dymec
Unlike products intended for office or telecommunication applications, DYMEC products are ruggedized to withstand the rigors of the hostile operating environments typically found in Power Utilities and Industrial applications. They are designed to operate reliably at temperatures ranging from -40*C to +85*C with a 20-year life design criteria at +85*C.


2. RuggedSwitch^Ù


Fiber Optical Ethernet Switch Family
Utility Grade Ruggedness: IEEE C37.90 and IEC 60255
Extended Temperature (-40ºC to 85ºC)
Power Supply options: 24VDC, 48VDC, or 120-300 VDC (110/230 VAC)
5, 8, 12 and 16 Port Configurations
DIN Rail or 19^Ô Rack Mount

UCA2.0 Substation LANs
Industrial Ethernet for the factory/plant floor
IEC 61850 Process Bus (100Mbps)


3. OnTime


4. UCA/IEC 61850 (General)



Karlheinz Schwarz
We have used NEBS rated switches from Garretcomm that have temperature range from Ambient Temperature: -40º to 160º F (-40º to 70º C), (see "": ).

Also if no fibre is required take a look at the IP67 switch (see "": ).

Data sheets are available that will give you all the info you need


John French
[email protected]
A good place to find products for industrial ethernet and wide selection of 10 and 100Mb product with flavor of AC/DC optionis:
They have widespread selection of products suits for Industrial enviroment and support higher temp too. Recently we have used their Outdoor Ethernet Switch with the modular Fiber Switch provided us a wide selection of flavor of fiber.They are still supporting the older 10Base5, 10Base2 products which is very hard to find.